How we will develop and grow

Engagement will drive our focus as we seek to build an ecosystem of support for African American-led food and beverage businesses.



Black-led startups and businesses face unique challenges that must be addressed in order for them to thrive. The NABFM will focus on what our members need to thrive and succeed. We will accomplish this through improving access to information, training, operational excellence, scalability and financial soundness within our membership.


African Americans collectively contribute more than $1.3T a year to the American economy but have little voice in any of the decisions being made surrounding supplier opportunities, equality and equity. We will hold private/public sector entities to account for improving access and participation for African American-led food/beverage suppliers.


In order for the government and corporations to be more inclusive we must invite them to the table to educate them about our concerns and expectations. The NABFM is inviting to all who support our mission and wish to act in good faith to partner with us on behalf of our members.


There is strength in our numbers. That is why the NABFM was formed: to collectivize the voices of the thousands of black-led food and beverage businesses to promote and advocate for increased awareness, support and opportunity within the industries we serve.