Executive Director





Hello and welcome to the National Association of Black Food Manufacturers.

My name is Rod Hill and I’m honored to have been selected to be the founding executive director of this pioneering organization. 

The NABFM is a newly established nonprofit that exists to be a voice for people of African descent in food and beverage manufacturing. It was founded to address the unique needs of our community as we seek to gain further entry into the food manufacturing, supplier and related industries for our ultimate success.

But as we work towards greater representation, we must first gather ourselves to identify common goals and objectives we’d like to achieve together.

That’s why over the next few weeks and months, the NABFM will be reaching out through a series of events, surveys and webinars to learn more about you and your businesses and to establish a baseline for where you, the founding members, would like to see us focus our resources first.

We will start reaching out to external stakeholders as we grow in numbers, to include business and corporate leaders, government agencies and elected officials, to begin communicating those needs and building bridges of support to assist us in accomplishing our collective goals.

This website will be a virtual place for us to congregate and to connect to share updates, information and resources. Please use it to stay on top of important industry-related news and to learn more about each other as we spotlight new members and the important work you all are doing.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you’d like to reach out directly, you may do so anytime at We monitor this address constantly and will get back to you with a response as soon as possible, should you require it.

In the meantime, I look forward to serving you in this capacity.

With strength in our numbers,